Four of the Best Maltese Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

See the island at its photogenic best   |   September 2017

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These Maltese Instagram accounts prove the island is a truly mesmerising destination

Maltese Instagram | © Lisa Gwen/Malta Doors

According to Instagram’s biggest travel account, Beautiful Destinations, Malta is the world’s most underrated location. It’s not hard to see why: azure coastlines wrap around rugged cliffs while baroque buildings seemingly grow out of the earth. However, these four Maltese Instagram accounts are in on the secret. All of them showcase a glorious snapshot of Malta, its landscapes, architecture and inhabitants. Follow them now to see the enchanting island at its most alluring.

Hidden Malta @hiddenmalta

Hidden Malta is the Instagram account of professional photographer, Marcin Wludyka. While he presents the island’s most photogenic spots, he also captures its lesser-known, more intimate sides. Sacks of Maltese bread hang outside a bakery while a local fruit and veg truck is parked up brimming with fresh produce. Vintage vehicles look quaint on cobbled streets and flags flutter in the breeze on narrow alleyways.

“Malta is such an amazing country with so many hidden gems that tourists sometimes miss, even if they are coming to stay for a few weeks” Wludyka explains. “Malta and Gozo are perfect holiday destinations, however many things are often overlooked in favour of larger tourist attractions. Some unique locations can only be reached on foot.”

Maltese Instagram | 9 © Marcin Wludyka HiddenMalta

The People of Malta @thepeopleofmalta

Through their love of street photography and meeting people, photographers Roderick Vella and Stephen Buhagiar started The People of Malta as a project to convey the unique personalities of Maltese inhabitants. “We wanted to share emotions, stories, personalities, moods and contrasts depicted in pictures and in citations of the Maltese people” reveals Buhagiar.

Their shots beautifully encapsulate the island’s characters; candidly composed and with an affectionate honesty, the shots have striking warmth and humanity. From sheep-shearing farmers to youthful, tattooed hipsters, expect to see all walks of Maltese life when you follow this account.

Maltese Instagram | TPOM2 © The People of Malta

MaltaDoors @maltadoors

We use doors daily but rarely pause to take the time to appreciate their beauty. Luckily, Malta is home to some splendid doors and Lisa Gwen has captured many of them. No door is unworthy – weather-beaten timber gateways overgrown with ivy appear alongside grand, colourful entrances and elegant, flower covered doorways.

“I started MaltaDoors for no real reason” she explains. “I was looking for something to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I was trying to organise the images in my photo gallery, and noticed that I had been increasingly capturing doors, facades and various examples of residential architecture in Malta. Unknowingly, this turned into a documentary project, from light chasing to time chasing – an attempt to collect as many variations of doors possible, before they vanish or are replaced by modern counterparts.”

Maltese Instagram | Valletta © Lisa Gwen/Malta Doors

Malta Photography @MaltaPhotography

“After starting to take an interest in photography and noticing that photographers and travellers were capturing stunning photos of the Maltese Islands, I decided to create Malta Photography to give more exposure to these talented people” explains Malta Photography founder, Justin Ciappara.

Aside from showcasing his own work, Malta Photography is an aggregator account that features sublime snaps from other Instagrammers that publish pictures using the #MaltaPhotography hashtag. Follow it to sigh over romantic archways, imposing dome towers, cerulean waters and the sun gracefully setting over craggy inlets.

Maltese Instagram | Image5 © Justin Ciappara/MaltaPhotography

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