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Let the experts be your guide   |   September 2017

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The globetrotting couple share their Lisbon highlights

Our Lisbon | © One Love Our Love

Travelling couple Mikey and Jana are the authors of blog One Love Our Love, where they document their extensive travels through top tips, beautiful photos, vegan dining and long-learned wisdom. Read their Lisbon experiences here.

As a very well-travelled couple, what did you find unique about Lisbon?
Probably the diversity of the city, the mixture of old and new. There are many hidden treasures from centuries of history, there is amazing architecture, there’s an ocean, there are seven hills, there’s so much to see and do.

Did anything surprise you about the city?
We were surprised how much we enjoyed walking around the streets and admiring the architecture and the laid back lifestyle. Also how easy it was to navigate around the city and explore by foot.

Best thing you ate:
We are both vegan, so we couldn’t try some of the typical local foods but we found that there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian-friendly places in Lisbon. One of the places we really enjoyed was Miss Saigon.

Best thing you drank:
We enjoyed drinking different types of local Portuguese wines and the espresso coffee which is so much better than the states.

Best view:
For us, the best was the view at Miradouro Portas do Sol, Castelo de São Jorge and of course the view from Corinthia Executive Lounge.

Our Lisbon | © One Love Our Love
Our Lisbon | © One Love Our Love

When you travel to a city, are you usually laid back or adventurous? How did Lisbon fit in with this?
When we explore a city we like being more laidback and Lisbon fit perfectly for that reason. Usually, whenever we are in nature we like to be more adventures and active.

Can you sum up the Lisbon in 3 words?
Lisbon: Lively, Lovely, Laidback.

Is there anything you didn’t get to experience, that you’d do if you went back?
We would definitely want to go back and this time for longer, 3 nights was not enough for us. We felt like Lisbon is a place that you need to enjoy it without being in a rush and take your time. There’s also so much to see right outside of the city that we couldn’t do on a short stay.

Did you find Lisbon lent itself well to a couple’s trip? Would you go back solo or with friends/family?
We think Lisbon is a wonderful city to be experienced either way. We like traveling as a couple but we would’ve enjoyed visiting with friends and family as well. There’s so much to do and see and would be great to have someone to share it with. We think it is a very safe city for those who like traveling solo.

Top tip for someone who only has 1 day in Lisbon?
For one day only, we think they should go early in the morning to see Sintra, have lunch there and then go to the oldest district of Lisbon, Alfama. Walk through the steep, narrow, cobblestoned streets and have a real feeling of authentic Lisbon.

Top tip for someone staying at Corinthia Lisbon?
Definitely to be prepared for a great experience with impeccable service. To absolutely try the Spa treatments, one of the best spas we’ve ever been to. Lastly but not least to take advantage of the Executive Club, it was our favorite place to hang out and enjoy the views.

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