London Fitness Trends for 2016

Hottest Trends of the Year   |   June 2017

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From primal workouts to trampolining, find out about the hottest fitness trends for 2016 to experience next time you’re in London

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Remember when ‘working out’ meant throwing on your trainers and going for a jog around the local park? Well, it’s no longer that simple. Modern day developments in technology and entertainment have meant that distractions are many, so instructors have to find increasingly innovative ways to impress and stimulate fitness fiends who claim to have seen it all. And what’s more, travellers now expect to be able to keep up their new fitness routines while on holiday. From tough military-style training to trampolining and back to basics primal workouts, here are the latest wellness and fitness trends for 2016 to try on your next trip to London.

Primal Workouts

One of the key fitness trends for 2016, primal workouts go back to basics with exercises inspired by animal instincts. One such workout is Animal Flow at Local Motion, a class that focuses on increasing flexibility and core strength through animal movements. If crawling like a leopard or holding a perfect bird stance sounds like fun, then this could be for you. If you’re looking for something a little more testosterone-fuelled, try the Caveman workouts at Gymbox, open to non-members for a small fee. Far from being a walk in the park, this class sees participants unleash their ‘inner beast’ through activities such as lifting rocks, rolling tires and climbing ropes.


Have you ever watched a child bouncing on a trampoline and secretly been a little jealous? Well, thanks to trampoline venues like Oxygen, you can get involved without having to kick any little ones out of the way. Adult trampolining is one of the hottest trends to sweep the city, not only a barrel of fun but also great for the core. The spring of the matts also means it has a low impact on joints, so it’s great for all ages. Flips optional.


Indoor rock climbing has been gaining popularity in recent years, but it’s tipped to be the ultimate status sport of 2016. There are three types – top-rope climbing, lead climbing and bouldering. The latter is the most up-and-coming and involves rope-free rock climbing over crash pads. The sport, which is excellent for building body, back and arm strength, challenges participants to complete complex ‘problems’, which can often see them climbing at ambitious angles. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there are plenty of climbing centres to try out across London, such as The Climbing Hangar – a huge dedicated bouldering space with 100 different problems, three stamina circuits, a cave and a barrel.

London Fitness Trends | Detox Brunch at Andina © Andina
London Fitness Trends | Trampoline Fitness Class © Oxygen Free Jumping

Detox Brunches

With so many tempting restaurants in London, detoxing can seem like an impossible task. Thankfully, a growing number of cafes and restaurants are launching special detox brunches to complement New Year fitness regimes. Andina serves up a nutritious brunch for those who’ve just finished, or are just about to start, a workout, with dishes such as the Peruvian tacu-tacu butterbean pancakes, topped with a poached egg, sautéed vegetables and lean bacon, and washed down with a superfood smoothie. The perfect guilt-free start to a day out in the capital.

Fitness apps

London is one step ahead of the curve in many aspects, and its fitness fanatics are no different. The city is becoming one of the world’s hottest wearable technology hubs, with new devices and apps launching almost daily. Even if you’re only visiting, it’s easy to get involved – all you need is a smart phone and Internet connection. Download the Charity Miles app to run famous routes such as the London Marathon while raising money for a good cause, GymSync to explore a huge database of classes and book in with just a few taps, or PTFindr to pair up with local accredited personal trainers. Alternatively, if you’re after nutritional advice, download biteappy to search for nearby restaurants catering to special diets or intolerances.


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