My Malta: Bon Traveler

an explorer's experience   |   March 2017

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Jessica Wright of Bon Traveler shares her experience of "Europe's best-kept secret"


Jessica Wright, author of  Bon Traveler, is no stranger to exploration. Her first visit to the Maltese islands was full of surprises, including ancient cities, blue grottos and driving on the left. Read more about her adventure here…

What were your impressions of Malta before you travelled there?
Before travelling to Malta, I really did not know a whole lot about the island. Doing a bit of research, I was fascinated by the rich history and influence from other cultures, and was excited to see how it unfolded in Malta.

What are your perceptions of the island now?
The island is brilliant, and I believe, Europe’s best kept secret. It has it all, from historic towns, to lively nightlife, and turquoise waters that are perfect for a dip.

What was the best part of your stay at Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa?
The best part of the stay had to be staying in an historic palace and the location in Malta. You could feel the vibrant history in the hotel and loved that you were footsteps from the best destinations on the island.

Malta | @bontraveler
Malta Natural Pools | @bontraveler

Favourite cuisine?
My favourite cuisine in Malta was the abundance of Mediterranean-style food like fresh fish, local olives, and local produce.

Favorite cultural quirk?
One of the quirks that I had no idea about was that the Maltese drive on the left side of the road! It was a complete surprise to arrive to.

Was there anything you wished you’d had time to do?
I wish I could have spent more time at the beaches — I love sunbathing on the rocks, with a good bottle of rosé and a book.

How did you spend your days in Malta?
The days in Malta were spent exploring towns like Valletta, driving to see the beautiful Blue Grotto, and walking the streets of the Three Cities.

How did you spend your nights?
I loved spending evenings in local restaurants and then coming back to Corinthia Palace for a drink. The hotel is so peaceful, and the rooms ever so cosy for a good night’s sleep.


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