Russian Revolution 100: Centenary Celebrations in St Petersburg

How the city is marking the occasion   |   October 2017

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Join in the revolutionary spirit this November by visiting one of these Russian Revolution centenary events in St Petersburg

K Bulla photo © ROSPHOTO

Formerly known as Petrograd, St Petersburg was at the heart of Russia’s 1917 February and Bolshevik Revolutions. A period of radical change for this former Tsarist nation, the 1917 uprisings signalled the end of the monarchy and the birth of the Soviet Union. This November heralds the centenary of the end of the Russian Revolution, and fittingly, St Petersburg’s finest galleries, museums and theatres will be acknowledging this landmark occasion with some captivating exhibitions and events.

1917 – Twilight of Gods: Everyday and Revolution at Alexandrinsky Theatre

Trace the footsteps of those treading the revolutionary path at this stimulating lecture from Julia Demidenko at the Alexandrinsky Theatre. Key questions will be asked about Russian art and culture during the transitional era from the Russian Empire to the Soviet Union, such as: how were everyday lives effected? What did inhabitants of post-revolution Petrograd do for entertainment? What did they wear, eat and drink? Find out at Alexandrinsky Theatre on 11th October.

11th October 2017

Revolution Reconstruction at Palace Square

Witness history (almost) repeat itself during this historic re-enactment at Palace Square. Once more, St Petersburg becomes Petrograd, the emperor will abdicate and Lenin will arrive in an armoured car to bring the idea of a new revolution. Expect a cast of thousands of attendees to join in the revolutionary spirit. Dress up in traditional clothing and you can even participate in the re-enactment.

4th – 7th November 2017

Art of the Decorative Institute © State Russian Museum
Art of the Decorative Institute © State Russian Museum

Posters of the Revolutionary Era at The Russian Museum

In the early years of the Soviet Union the political poster quickly became the medium that galvanised the mood of the times as well as communicated Communist messages. From political propaganda to education, this excellent retrospective at The Russian Museum showcases over 100 vintage posters and looks at the birth of the Soviet poster as an art genre all of its own. You’ll see works from masters like Vladimir Lebedev and Dmitry Moor.

Until 6th November 2017

Destination: Communism at ROSPHOTO

Jig-sawing together an inspirational collection of photographs, leaflets, banners, video and artworks, the ROSPHOTO gallery imaginatively re-tells the story of the Russian Revolution and the path the country has trodden over the last century. You’ll get a true feeling for the hopes and aspirations of Russians at this time of radical change and get up close and personal with fascinating artefacts.

Until 19th November 2017

Art in Life 1918-1925 at The Russian Museum

At the Benois Wing of The Russian Museum you’ll find a wonderful collection of agitational art of the early, post-revolution years from the Decorative Institute. Operating in Petrograd-Leningrad between 1918 and 1926, the Decorative Institute was responsible for a diverse array of works, from decorating city squares and bridges to film posters and creating fine porcelain. This unique exhibition presents over 200 ceramic works, sketches, models and paintings, including some exclusive, never-been-seen-before pieces.

Until 20th November 2017


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